i've built various quadcopters and a hexacopter for aerial filming. not all of these flying machines performed as expected and some even failed miserably.

multicopter in urbach valley, switzerland

aerial filming

a multirotor gives me the ability to film from above while i'm on hikes in the mountains. the videos are worth the extra weight that comes with all the equipment.

lauterbrunnen valley, switzerland

rc car

an rc car was about the last thing i ever wanted to build. i did it anyhow after some boyz showed up with their toy...
after lots of broken gears, suspension components and a motor, it now runs pretty reliably.

3d printed front suspension of rc car

involute gears

all my 3d printed and laser cut gears have been drawn with a simple involute spur gear design program. the program allows for profile corrections which comes in very handy for 3d printed gearboxes, where the distance between two axes are often quite a bit off.

3d printed gear made of nylon

watchtower pics

watchtowers offer some very spectacular views of the surrounding areas. but the architecture of the various towers is just as interesting. i don't think there are two towers that are the same. each has its own design.

chaumont tower, switzerland

us pics

while studying for a masters degree i spent several years in the us. during this time i went on numerous trips to discover great places.

coast near point reyes, california