spur gears

to design circular and noncircular gears for various mechanisms i use simple programs that generate 2d geometry. i especially like noncircular gears despite their limited use. 

switzerland - european union gear

3d scanning

3d scanning is a very interesting subject. a useful 3d scanner costs at least a few thousand dollars. so it would be great if one could build a simple scanner with cheap components. that is what i have tried many times.

3d scan of a coin
walensee by swissrelief

swiss + relief

paint custom relief maps of switzerland with the android app "swiss + relief". choose custom colors for altitude, slope and exposition.

photo: walensee region by swiss + relief


watchtowers offer some very spectacular views of the surrounding areas. but the architecture of the towers is just as interesting. i don't think there are two towers that are the same. each one has its own design.

chaumont tower, switzerland

us pics

while studying for a masters degree i spent several years in the us. during this time i went on numerous trips to discover great places.

coast near point reyes, california


i've built various multirotors for filming with varying success.

multicopter in urbach valley, switzerland