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3d coin scanner

this homemade 3d coin scanner is a simple scanner for high resolution 3d scanning of small objects such as coins. the scanner uses the following off the shelf components:

  • usb camera to capture images (logitech c920)
  • arduino uno to drive the stepper motor
  • stepper motor driver (ULN2003)
  • geared stepper motor (28YBJ-48)
  • leds (some bright led’s)

the images are analyzed with a python script that extracts the 3d data.

the following image shows the scanner. the coin has to be placed on the carriage via the opening on the left. the stepper motor then moves the coin under the camera where it is illuminated by the led light.


sample scans are shown in the following image gallery.

you can download some of these scans on thingiverse.

how does the 3d scanning process work?