about me

by lake cavloctechnology has always been one of my main interests. so i guess it’s no surprise i got a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the university of california at berkeley. this reflects also in my professional and personal interests.

professional interests
– six sigma methodology
– engineering statistics
– finite element analysis (abaqus, ls-dyna, ansys, moldflow)
– simple single- and multiple-dof dynamic mechanical models

personal interests
– building various machines, especially electromechanical devices (3d scanners, multicopters)
– rapid prototyping (got a few machines, e.g. laser cutter, 3d printer, cnc mill)
– programming (c, visual basic)
– involute gears (circular and non-circular)
– aerial filming with multicopters
– kiting, biking, hiking, skiing and a few other things

… by the way, my name is roger