sno explorer sno explorer, tracked rc vehicle

this is a mostly 3d printed radio controlled tracked vehicle. the vehicle will be driven by two brushless motors and a gear mechanism having a gear ratio of 32:1. This should produce enough torque to drive the model. the following pictures show the partially assembled vehicle:

historischer markt aarau 3d coin scanner

this 3d scanner is a simple scanner for high resolution 3d scanning of small objects such as coins. the scanner uses off the shelf components such as: usb camera to capture images (logitech c920) arduino uno to drive the stepper motor stepper motor driver (ULN2003) geared stepper motor (28YBJ-48) leds (some bright led’s) the images […]

switzerland european union switzerland – european union gear

while the switzerland – europen union gear is an interesting exercise in making a noncircular gear, there is much more that can be learned from it: it is difficult to find the right place for the switzerland gear within the european gearbox. there are only very few alignments possible. the european union internal gear has […]

RCCarSmall_tiny rc car chassis 1:16

this is a relatively small rc car chassis that can be 3d printed easily. Most components such as axles, wheels, tires, etc. are 3d printed. Apart from the electronics and the motor pinion only some M3 bolts, nuts and washers as well as several types of ball bearings are needed to finish the project. the […]

Bindli_total_smallest quadcopter #11 (micro fpv 150 mm)

a 3d printed quadcopter having an outer shell as its main support structure was the aim when i designed this small quadcopter. its main characteristics are: 150 mm diagonal motor distance 300 g takeoff weight 3″ propellers dys 1306-3100 kv motors dys 10 a blheli esc’s cc3d atom flight controller (running betaflight) frsky tfr6 receiver […]

210_quad_cat_pic quadcopter #10 (210 class)

the 250 quadcopters are great to take along on hikes for filming. but there is still room for further miniaturization without having to bullnose the 5 inch propellers. the 210 class appears to be pretty much the minimum that makes sense. so here is a homemade 210 class quadcopter. the size offers another advantage, at […]

quadcopter #9 (250 class)

the 250 size quadcopter seems to become a favorite among fpv pilots. this type is small, light, fast, agile and therefore lots of fun to fly. i tried it myself with the following setup: naze32 rev5 flight controller frsky tfr6 rc receiver 2206 2150kV multistar v2 motors turnigy plush 10amp esc’s mini cmos 520tvl fpv […]

v-tail rc plane v-tail rc plane

this is an attempt at building a simple and small fpv plane. simple because the wing is straight having the same clark y airfoil over the entire wing span. small because it has a wing span of 700 mm and weighs around 500 grams. the plane consists of six separate parts, the fuselage, the two […]

hexacopter folding multiwii hexacopter

after having built many different quadcopters it was about time to build something bigger and better. here it is my first foldable multiwii hexacopter. the motor mounts are made of 3d printed abs plastic. they are attached to 15 mm aluminum square tubes. the tubes are hinged to a center plate using 3d printed abs […]

rc car chassis 1:6

most components of the chassis are either 3d printed or laser cut. the laser cut pieces could as easily be built with a 3d printer. the other components such as the motor, wheels, etc. are either from traxxas or hobbyking. the design of the chassis was created in creo elements express 4.0 from ptc. it […]