3d scanners

historischer markt aarau 3d coin scanner

this 3d scanner is a simple scanner for high resolution 3d scanning of small objects such as coins. the scanner uses off the shelf components such as: usb camera to capture images (logitech c920) arduino uno to drive the stepper motor stepper motor driver (ULN2003) geared stepper motor (28YBJ-48) leds (some bright led’s) the images […]

scanner4 3d scanner #4

this 3d laser scanner is the most sophisticated system i have ever built. it features a calibration system to calibrate the camera and to find the laser relative to the camera, no matter how the laser was placed. the components of the system are the following: line laser with drive usb webcam calibration object control […]

scanner3 3d scanner #3

it seemed interesting to scan an object not just from one side but all around in one pass. a rotating table on which the object can be placed would do just fine. other than that this scanner is very similar to the 3d scanner #2. in order to improve capturing of dark surfaces i built […]

scanner2 3d scanner #2

my first 3d laser scanner was really just some kind of proof of concept device. therefore it’s a relatively simply setup with a usb camera, a stepper motor on which a line laser is mounted, a stepper motor controller and some software. it doesn’t use any kind of automatic calibration. the calibration is done for […]

scanner1 3d scanner #1

my first 3d scanner is a touch probe scanner that scans very accurately due to the very high resolution along each axis and a very fine touch probe. the scanner works very slowly. the reason is that the touch probe has to contact the object at every point of the x-y coordinate grid. some of […]