various rc models

sno explorer sno explorer, tracked rc vehicle

this is a mostly 3d printed radio controlled tracked vehicle. the vehicle will be driven by two brushless motors and a gear mechanism having a gear ratio of 32:1. This should produce enough torque to drive the model. the following pictures show the partially assembled vehicle:

RCCarSmall_tiny rc car chassis 1:16

this is a relatively small rc car chassis that can be 3d printed easily. Most components such as axles, wheels, tires, etc. are 3d printed. Apart from the electronics and the motor pinion only some M3 bolts, nuts and washers as well as several types of ball bearings are needed to finish the project. the […]

v-tail rc plane v-tail rc plane

this is an attempt at building a simple and small fpv plane. simple because the wing is straight having the same clark y airfoil over the entire wing span. small because it has a wing span of 700 mm and weighs around 500 grams. the plane consists of six separate parts, the fuselage, the two […]

rc car chassis 1:6

most components of the chassis are either 3d printed or laser cut. the laser cut pieces could as easily be built with a 3d printer. the other components such as the motor, wheels, etc. are either from traxxas or hobbyking. the design of the chassis was created in creo elements express 4.0 from ptc. it […]

c30 rc car body (volvo c30)

the car body is still a work in progress. it is based on top, side and front views from volvo. they were used in blender to build a low poly 3d mesh of the car body. the smoothed mesh was then transferred to freecad, converted to a step file. this file was imported into creo […]

flying wings flying wing #1

this is the first flying wing i have flown. some specs: wingspan 1 m take off weight 400 g glass fiber taped styrofoam wing clark y profile (may not be optimum…) 1370 kv motor and 20 a esc 2200 mah 3s lipo frsky tfr6 receiver mobius camera [youtubegallery] [/youtubegallery]