scanner4 3d scanner #4

this 3d laser scanner is the most complete system i have built so far. it features a calibration system that is used to calibrate the camera as well as the position of the laser relative to the camera. the main components of the system are: line laser with drive usb webcam calibration object control software […]

scanner3 3d scanner #3

it seemed interesting to scan an object not just from one side but all around in one pass. a rotating table on which the object can be placed would do just fine. other than that this scanner is very similar to the 3d scanner #2. in order to improve capturing of dark surfaces i built […]

scanner2 3d scanner #2

my first 3d laser scanner was a proof of concept device. therefore it’s a relatively simple setup with a usb camera, a stepper motor controller, a stepper motor on which a line laser is mounted and a simple program to run the system. camera distortions are partially corrected but the system is not calibrated as […]

scanner1 3d scanner #1

my first 3d scanner is a touch probe scanner that scans very accurately at a very high resolution along each axis. the scanner works very slowly since the probe has to be moved into contact with the object at every point on the xy-coordinate grid. some of the results can be seen in the following […]

multiwii quadcopter #5 quadcopter #5

this is my second foldable quadcopter. since the first foldable quadcopter suffered heavily from vibrations the design had to be made much stiffer. this was achieved by increasing the diameter of the carbon rods, shortening of the rods and increasing the diameter of its body. the design of the quadcopter can be found here. the […]

multiwii quadcopter #4 quadcopter #4

this is my first foldable multiwii quadcopter. it is a very lightweight design and therefore prone to vibrations. in fact, the vibrations were so strong that it was very difficult to fly this multirotor.

multiwii quadcopter #3 quadcopter #3

this quadcopter is almost the same as quadcopter #1 except for its lighter aluminum tubes, a modified landing gear and a support plate for all the fpv electronics. it also features an attachment point for a gopro camera with vibration insulation. since the camera is mounted near the cog of the quadcopter the propellers are […]

multiwii quadcopter #2 quadcopter #2

this is a very lightweight quadcopter made of carbon fiber tubes, glass fiber plates and 3d printed lugs to mount the motors. it is very agile and was actually the quadcopter with which i flew the first looping.

multiwii quadcopter #1 quadcopter #1

this is my very first multiwii quadcopter. it is a heavy-duty model built with aluminum and plastic parts. its main specs are: takeoff weight:1.35 kg lipo: 2600 mah flight time: 8 min multiwii version: 2.1 rc transmitter: futaba ff-7 rc receiver: frsky tfr7 on-board camera: rollei bullet hd lite 2 you can find a short […]