switzerland european union

switzerland – european union gear

while the switzerland – europen union gear is an interesting exercise in making a noncircular gear, there is much more that can be learned from it:

  • it is difficult to find the right place for the switzerland gear within the european gearbox. there are only very few alignments possible.
  • the european union internal gear has a lot of inertia, much more than switzerland (think radius squared).
  • the switzerland gear has a modest white cross. the european union gear has… well, not so modest shiny golden stars.
  • the meshing is not a simple one. there is lots and lots of friction between the teeth. efficiency is very low.
  • the teeth of the switzerland gears are all rounded, i.e. blunt. some of the european teeth are very sharp.
  • the gears jam from time to time. it appears that the bigger wheel is responsible for this. but that requires further analysis.
  • the switzerland gear has to spin much faster on average than the internal geared wheel of the eu to keep up.

one more thing:

  • it appears that the european union gear has lost one of its shiny stars. a hole is left behind. some advice: do not pull the stars closer together, instead push them a bit further apart to fill the void more evenly.

a video of the gear in motion will come shortly…