3d scanning

3d scanning is very interesting for many applications. unfortunately, an accurate high resolution 3d scanner costs thousands of dollars. i've built many different 3d scanners with varying success using only cheap off-the-shelf components.

3d scan of a 5 cent swiss coin

spur gears

i've written several utilities to design spur gears for 3d printing and laser cutting. these programs can be used to generate geometries of spur gear pairs, planetary gears and noncircular gears.

switzerland - european union gear
synchro drive

robot locomotion

in one of my latest projects i designed a synchro drive that enables a drawing robot to move in any direction from its current location using only two stepper motors. unlike more complex systems it cannot rotate about its vertical axis.

synchro robot drive
walensee by swissrelief

swiss + relief

paint custom relief maps of switzerland with the android app "swiss + relief". choose custom colors for altitude, slope and exposition.

walensee region by swiss + relief


watchtowers offer great views over the surrounding area. but the architecture of the towers is often just as spectacular.

chaumont tower, switzerland

us pics

while studying for a masters degree i spent several years in the us. during this time i went on numerous trips to discover great places.

coast near point reyes, california