by lake cavlocscience, engineering and technology have fascinated me for as long as i can remember. unsurprisingly i got a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the university of california at berkeley.
my current professional and personal interests are:
– application of statistics in engineering, especially for process analysis and optimization
– finite element analysis of static and dynamic models, mechanical and thermal (abaqus, ls-dyna, ansys)
– simple single- and multiple-dof dynamic mechanical models
– designing, building and optimizing various machines, especially electromechanical devices (3d scanners, arduino and raspberry controlled devices)
– rapid prototyping (laser cutting, 3d printing)
– programming (mostly java and python these days)
– involute gears (circular and non-circular)
– biking, hiking, kiting, skiing and others





about my website

the electromechanical devices such as various 3d scanners are the most sophisticated devices i’ve made so far. not all of them worked as intended right away… some are shown in the projects section.

every now and then i code a little. most of the code never reaches sufficient maturity to be released. some of the more complete results are shown on the software page. currently i’m mostly working on involute gear tools.
my first android app “relief schweiz” has its own section where images from the app and 3d printed reliefs are shown. the 3d printed reliefs are based on the same underlying data.