rc models

c30 rc car body (volvo c30)

the car body is still a work in progress. it is based on top, side and front views from volvo. they were used in blender to build a low poly 3d mesh of the car body. the smoothed mesh was then transferred to freecad, converted to a step file. this file was imported into creo […]

brushless gimbal brushless gimbal #1

this is the first brushless gimbal i designed and built. i hope it will be a useful add-on for filming. it should reduce the shakiness substantially. the gimbal relies on some of the cheapest components i could find for this project. adjusting the pid controller was a pain at first. i am still uncertain whether […]

flying wings flying wing #1

this is the first flying wing i have flown. some specs: wingspan 1 m take off weight 400 g glass fiber taped styrofoam wing clark y profile (may not be optimum…) 1370 kv motor and 20 a esc 2200 mah 3s lipo frsky tfr6 receiver mobius camera [youtubegallery] [/youtubegallery]

multiwii quadcopter #8 quadcopter #8

flying near rivers and lakes always comes with a certain probability that a quadcopter crashes into the water, disappearing forever. while my designs are somewhat cheap, the loss of the camera and other equipment would still hurt. therefore i designed a quadcopter with a lot of buoyancy. the quadcopter consists of a 4 mm layer […]

multiwii quadcopter #7 quadcopter #7

this quadcopter has already gone through multiple design iterations. three of these made it into actual flying machines. the design plans for the first can be found here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:113703. the design plans for the second can be found here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:167001. the third is not yet on thingiverse. the following pictures show the various design iterations: […]

multiwii quadcopter #6 quadcopter #6

this is the first laser cut poplar plywood quadcopter. it is a very lightweight design having a takeoff weight of around 550 grams (including lipo 2s 2200mah). design by sini

multiwii quadcopter #5 quadcopter #5

this is my second foldable quadcopter. since the first foldable quadcopter suffered heavily from vibrations the design had to be made much stiffer. this was achieved by increasing the diameter of the carbon rods, shortening of the rods and increasing the diameter of its body. the design of the quadcopter can be found here. the […]

multiwii quadcopter #4 quadcopter #4

this is my first foldable multiwii quadcopter. it is a very lightweight design and therefore prone to vibrations. in fact, the vibrations were so strong that it was very difficult to fly this multirotor.

multiwii quadcopter #3 quadcopter #3

this quadcopter is almost the same as quadcopter #1 except for its lighter aluminum tubes, a modified landing gear and a support plate for all the fpv electronics. it also features an attachment point for a gopro camera with vibration insulation. since the camera is mounted near the cog of the quadcopter the propellers are […]

multiwii quadcopter #2 quadcopter #2

this is a very lightweight quadcopter made of carbon fiber tubes, glass fiber plates and 3d printed lugs to mount the motors. it is very agile and was actually the quadcopter with which i flew the first looping.