drawing machine arduino drawing machine

objective plotters seem to have vanished in many professional environments. most drawings are printed on inkjet or laser printers. that is unfortunate since it is quite mesmerizing to watch a flatbed plotter bring a technical drawing to paper. cheap homemade plotters are quite popular among makers. these devices require a computer to send motion commands […]

synchro drive robot

objective the objective was to build a low cost robot drive system by using mostly 3d printed parts and standard stepper motors. several motion systems for the positioning of a robot exist. among them are systems that use ackermann steering, differential drive, synchro drive, mecanum wheels, omni wheels and others. the synchro drive is what […]

bear on snow pile, non-circular gear

objective to design a non-circular gear model of a bear on a snow pile (sort of). prototype the prototype of this gear consists of several parts. all parts were 3d printed on an fdm 3d printing machine using pla. the bear gear can be rotated via the knurled knob on the backside. the bear drives […]

webcam raspberry pi webcam

objective online cameras are great. an up-to-date view often helps others in decision making when planning outdoor activities. most commercially available ip cameras are expensive, do not allow full customization, are big and some even require a subscription to access past data. a raspberry pi with camera is a viable alternative. the pre-installed python environment […]

switzerland european union switzerland – european union gear

objective the intent of the project was to develop an app that creates non-circular gears. the switzerland – european union gear demonstrates what it can do. prototype the prototype of the switzerland – european union gear consists of a 3d printed “swiss gear” and a laser cut internal “european union gear”. for simplicity the gears […]