homemade 3d scanner - the parts
the parts listed here are the ones used for my scanner. there are lots of alternatives from other vendors.
a logitech quickcam pro 4000 is used to capture the images. it is a pretty reliable cam (much better than the damn philips toucam pro i bought a while back). but i would love to get higher resolution video and a usb 2 connection.
the s100smc controller is actually quite an overkill for this project. it could be used to control three stepper motors while the scanner has only one. it is also used to control the line laser module.
SimStepA04 (unipolar, serial or USB [with USB to TTL converter])
softmark stepper motor driver (unipolar, USB)
expensive since an activex component has to be bought also
for the adventurous: get a USBMOD4 and a ULN2003A
don't ask me how it is done though!
since the angular resolution of the drive is important for accurate results i chose a geared stepper motor (lsg35) with a reduction of 300 from hurst manufacturing. it works fine but some sort of backlash elimination is necessary.
stepper UBB23 (unipolar) with gear UGM20
from distrelec.ch and others
PF25 or PF35 (both unipolar) with gear
from maccon.de and others
various such as 35BYJ03 (unipolar)
cheap but very uneven steps, half/quarter steps seem impossible!
laser line module IMM-63/01 from conrad.com. it has a beam opening angle of about 100 and a total power output of less than 1mW. this is sufficient for this application. very expensive!
range of low cost laser line modules (LE-90, LN-60 or LML)
low cost line laser module LM-04
the software i used to smooth the meshes is amapi designer 7. it is a useful tool to modify polygon meshes though it is a bit buggy.