jet boat

jet boat


design and build a simple rc jet boat using mostly 3d printed parts.


this is already the fourth design iteration of my rc boat project. the first two worked great in the bath tub. in the real world though the jets sucked in air and consequently lost thrust. the third iteration jet works fine but the boat fills up with water since the lid does not seal well. all these problems have been addressed and should therefore be resolved in this fourth iteration.

section view of rc jet boat

the 3d model can be downloaded on thingiverse.

components used

  • f60 2200 kv t-motor
  • 20a hk esc with bec
  • hk15178b servo
  • rc system

in addition to the necessary electronics various other components are used, such as a brass tube in which the axle rotates, metal couplers that transmit the motor torque to the propeller and various bolts.

a note on the motor: rc boats are often powered by an inrunner motor that has a water cooling system. since i use a brushless outrunner motor that is typically used on quadcopters the motor cannot be cooled with a cooling jacket. minor cooling is provided with the blades on the motor coupler that sits on the motor axle.


here are a video of the boat in action and the assembly in fusion 360:

jet boat
jet boat assembly