Bear Gear

non-circular gear simulation


simulate the meshing of two non-circular gears (bear and snow pile) to determine the transmission ratio and to check for orientations in which the gears can potentially block.


fem model

most important aspects of the finite element model:

  • the model is generated in abaqus cae 2021
  • 2 non-circular gears modelled with hexagonal elements (c3d8r)
  • the bear gear is rotated by 360° via a reference point tied to it
  • the tied snow pile gear reference point is connected to a fixed reference point with a hinge connector that has internal friction
  • general contact with friction is used
  • the simulation is run on abaqus standard using a general static step
  • torques and rotation angles are output for post-processing


the simulation took 192 minutes on an i7-10850H using 4 cores. if you run the simulation yourself, using the input file provided below, please let me know what the simulation duration was and what type of cpu/gpu you used.

an animation of the simulation can be found here:

simulation non-circular gear


the gear toy designed for 3d printing can be obtained from here:

cults3d model

the finite element model for abaqus can be downloaded from here: