rc car chassis 1:16


build a simple 1:16 rc model made of mostly 3d printed parts.


i am not really an rc car driver aficionado but i find it it very interesting to design and build rc cars. my previous rc car project, the 1:6 rc car chassis, took quite a long time to design, build and optimize due to the large components and the challenges regarding dynamic stability. but i got an appreciation for camber, toe and castor.
this project was supposed to be much simpler without much consideration regarding the geometry of the suspension system. furthermore most components had to be 3d printable to reduce the amount of manual work to make everything fit together. so most components such as axles, wheels, tires, etc. are all 3d printed. apart from the electronics and the motor pinion only some m3 bolts, nuts and washers as well as several types of ball bearings were needed to finish the chassis.


the following pictures show the assembly of the chassis:

3d models

the 3d models can be found on thingiverse where you can also download them:


on thingiverse you can also find a car body that fits the chassis:


how the model was created

for years i have been using creo elements express for all my 3d models. ever since they require a new license every few days i switched to autodesk’s fusion 360. while creo elements is a direct modeler without any model history, fusion 360 offers a history that can be modified at will. this made the modeling of the chassis very easy.

the outer surface of the car body on the other hand was made in blender. this mesh body was imported into freecad, converted to a solid body and exported to a step file that was then imported again into fusion 360 for further cad work.